Busy in Southern Cali!

Busy at KSAN at the moment. Socal App doing a great job!


wow that is a beautiful approach who is app for ksan

I believe @GHamsz was on KSAN Approach. Nice job Gary :)


There were a flood of calls when I opened… Took a while to get it sorted out, but like so many times before, pilots were great! Sorry about all the speed commands, but I was out of room to provide more spacing for tower, and speed was my last resort. Thanks for some great flying!

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Speed commands came into play when I was pushed to the edge of the region

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I’m going to try out that approach I usually do an approach from the other side and then make right heading in for runway 27

If it’s really busy, you can create more time and space with that southern approach. If not to busy, I also use the more direct northern approach.

Wow! Great job to @GHamsz!

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