Busy @ Funchal, Madeira

Sunday afternoon flight down to Funchal, Madeira from Luxembourg. Cruising altitude 34,000. Very busy on the ground.

Expert Server. Luxembourg - Funchal onboard Luxair 737-700. Visual approach into runway 05.


Great photos! Such an underrated livery.

No easyJet parked there , sad , however there’s an Air Canada B777 , bruh.

Cool pics , my fav is the parked ones still !


People are getting very creative with their flights 😂

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Ahah , please , I saw some coming with A380 and B777 and directly fell in the water because of lack of runway and stopped their flight , what did they think by doing this ? 😭


“Welcome to Infinite Flight!”

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now how did someone manage to fit an entire 747 at that airport

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