Busy EIDW ( Dublin Airport ) Can u find your plane?

These pictures were shot at UTC 6:30AM to UTC 7:00AM.

The airport is EIDW ( Dublin Airport ). Server: Expert Server.

That Infinite Flight 772 it’s me. ( Callsign FGS-0540 )

So, can you find your plane in my picture ?

p1: See, The Air Force 1 comes to Dublin~

p2: RyanAir? How’s your passengers feel about the landing?

p3: FGS-0540, request take off from RWY28~

p4: V1~rotate~ Hey, that A350’s livery is so cool~


p5: I should say, wizzair’s livery is very colorful~

p6: Boeing family on the arpon

p7: Emirates 77w, RWY28, clear to land~

p8: Wow~ There’s a 787 without livery~


p9: Landing at EHAM ( Amsterdam Airport )


Great pics!

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Broo, I love all of them but the number 4 is the most I like!!

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Thanks~ ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ"

~ (o ˃ᴗ˂ o) ~

I always love photos with lots of planes! Nice work

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I like it too~ That looks very realistic (>﹏<)

I’m cringing 😬. Eeeeeeek. This is an eyesore for me. Best to avoid hubs I think

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Why did the controller even allow the A380 there lol

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I think this was you!

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haha, in ES, airport with ATC always busy

haha, maybe ATC like A380 ( just kidding )

maybe~ o(≧v≦)o

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