Busy EFHK!

So EFHK was active today and as a member and staff of AYVA i wanted to take the Finnair A359 for a ride and BOI O BOI does EFHK look nice when busy…

Aircraft: Finnair A359
Server: Expert

Hope you enjoy the pics!

Not a Photoshop…

Highlight of the Rush Hour!

Now for the “tags”:
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Just closed Helsinki arrival, love seeing a good amount of traffic at Helsinki, especially because it is 2D, really surprised it attracted people today. Definitely one of my favs in real life and one of my favourites to control!


Truly it is one underrated airport in IF, hopefully it will pick up traffic after its 3D conversion


Was a lovely flight!

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Great shots! Helsinki has such an amazing airport!

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Haha indeed it was, from one person to 4! Thanks for joining me on this journey.

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Yup truly, can’t agree more, hopefully we get it nice and 3D soon!

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