Busy Edinburgh

So unknowingly I flew into and out of Edinburgh without realizing the FNF event happening(Yes I did see the FNF but I did not know it would be there) and got some pictures(actually only 3) of busy operations(but the amount of planes in the area reduced amount of planes visible to me from a certain distance).

Detail(s) because it was 2 flights

Brussels Airlines
Airbus A319
1 hour 39 minutes

Right after that…

Second flight(and actually my final for today)

British Airways
Airbus A320
1 hour 17 minutes

Both flights are in the expert server(obviously)

And here are the 3 photos


Yeah, I decided to do RJTT → EGPH last night (why? why not!). I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of traffic around EGPH this morning. But I totally appreciated the full ATC experience! Many thanks to all the ATC folks!

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