Busy Day at the newly 3D-modeled Madeira Airport

The infamous Madeira Airport has finally been brought to life!

Madeira/Cristiano Ronaldo Airport,known as having one of the most difficult approach and landing in the world due to its unpredictable weather,has been a hot spot for many pilots in the game.Now,with the recent 21.3 update,many pilots have flocked to the airport seeking to challenge themselves while enjoying the gorgeous new 3D scenery the update has added.

Here are some photos I took while handling ATC at the new 3D airport


Looks awesome. Can you add more pics of the airport?

Sure! Here you go:)

I just botched my first landing attempt here at the absolute last minute. I flew a near perfect approach and final turn combining the autopilot with manual control until 1000ft when I took full manual control, all going well until I allowed the plane to go too wide with about 400ft altitude left. Had to re align and ended up off centre but still stable. Grrrrrr

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