Busy Day at LaGuardia

I flew an early morning flight from KDEN to KLGA. The New York area was very crowded, but all the controllers did a fine job. I may have stumbled upon the new 757 as well.

Flight: 737-900 UA, on Expert Server

Duration: 3Hour 10Minutes

Time: Morning Denver (MST), Afternoon New York (EST)


It is the new 757, it was being flown by a mod. But we can’t see it.


then how is it in the replay?

Nice photos! The current 757 could also have been flown there given the classic Expressway visual done onto runway 31 by United 757s. Other planes obviously do it as well, but the 757 is the largest plane allowed at LGA and also the toughest/most fun challenge to land there.

We can’t see the new one. It appears as the old one

An overhead visual of KLGA this afternoon.

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Actually, the 764 is the largest plane there and it has operated there in the past. These days though, the A321 is the largest plane currently scheduled.

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American Airlines use to fly the DC-10-10 In the eighties and nineties…


I love this airport for Sully and 737 United ; A320 US Airways !

I don’t want to be super nit picky here, but the 767-400ER is actually larger than a DC-10, believe it or not. Other large airliners that operated at the airport include the L1011, other 767 variants, and I believe there were scheduled A300 services as well. Delta operated the 764 from Atlanta for a short time during the 2000s, but it was eventually discontinued.

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I really like how IF makes every airport that has a ramp have a ramp, in RFS, airports like LaGuardia, like this, just have runways, and dirt surrounding them

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