Busy day at KLAX

Did short flight on a JetBlue Airbus A220 to Los Angeles, (which is why most of these photos are centered on it), lining up for approach on 25 left was very stressful. As mentioned, was very busy, and I decided to post some pics of everyone’s aircraft. Reply to this post your favorite picture!

Planes all lined up for the ILS ⬆️

Retro Air Canada 747-200 waiting to takeoff, as I am about to touchdown ⬆️

Window view from a southwest 737 of my aircraft ⬆️

Ground confused us a bit… ⬆️

Pulling up to my gate, as an American 787 is leaving the alleyway I am entering. ⬆️

Thanks for checking these pics out! Have a wonderful day :)


busy already god damnn

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KLAX is always a mad house.


Honestly, if Breeze can take an A220 from Pittsburg on the east coast to Los Angeles on the west coast, JetBlue should do a flight, perhaps from DCA


wasnt that bad when i landed a few hours ago

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I was there about 7 and a half hours ago, it wasnt busy at all. Only about 6 planes on ground, and of course ATC service :)

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This was yesterday, a Friday, everyone was getting out of school and work irl so maybe it was just chaotic when I was on