Busy day at EGHH ts1

hey i was controlling tower at EGHH and i have an when an runway is red like in this picture:

that means that the runway is closed right? is there any command to say no runway is closed you cant land here because some people dont understand it like in this picture:
but i am an nice person and let them land on that runway because they wont change to 08 anyway. it can be very anoying because i gotta change all my plans.

ah but i always wanna use one side off the runway not both

In theory it is closed due to wind, and you should use the other end. Landing on that runway results in a tailwind. Most aircraft can take up to 15 knot tailwind I believe (narrow and wide bodies).

You should have made then change runway and enter left downwind.

It says in the metar at the top of the picture.


Sorry, missed it!

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Green runways mean that the winds best favor that side of that runway. If it is yellow, it means the runway is not the best choice, but it could still be used if need be based on winds, as it isn’t the worst option. That direction could be expecting some crosswinds. Red Runways are normally opposite of green runway sides, and are your worst option for using for arrivals and departures. Normally, the only time you’ll see all red runways is when a hurricane hits that area in real life, or if the METAR is broken. If someone requests inbound, simply give them pattern entry instructions to the runway you want them to go to, as they should be following ATC instructions. They can be granted special rights if they request it, and the controller approves of it, which depends on the situation, but it is best to follow the flow, and only use both ends of the runway if necessary by terrain (i.e. KASE, etc.) EGHH has no terrain issues at all. If they do happen to request a runway change to a runway you don’t plan to operate at all, which is normally the other end of a runway you’re using, you can simply give them an unable. Sadly, TS1 and sometimes TS2, pilots do not understand who has fleets authority, or they don’t understand proper use of command. On top of that, sometimes pilots don’t want to listen, and only want to do what is best for them. Keep practicing, as the Expert Server will give you a more professional flying and controlling experience.

As I see there is already a plane in runway 26. The ATC decide which runway is active. You can decide to use red ones if you want. Even in Expert ATC’s the red ones are sometimes in service.

yeah i told him enter left downwind runway 08 but he didnt wanna listin

yeah i tell them enter left downwind runway 08 but they dont wanna listin so i have no choice;(

You should have reported them. Your atc, they have to follow your commands.

i cant report them

Tap on their profile then report.

ATC can’t report unless they are on advanced server, which I’m sure this isn’t…

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