Busy Day at Dallas | IFATC Controlling

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to begin recording some of my IFATC controlling session, in a aim to allow people that are training on becoming IFATC, to hopefully learn something they didn’t and give them an opportunity to ask questions.

If you are planning on joining IFATC and you do have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to ask and I’m sure myself or someone else will be able to chime in and help you answer them.

I’ve done this to create another resource for controllers, and controllers in training to see the point of view of a controller on the Expert Server and what to expect when you join IFATC.

If you have any feedback on the video, please let me know!

Happy landings!


Thank you for keeping the ground and skies safe. 🤗

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Thanks for the kind words! The most rewarding thing is when you see those wheels touch down or lift off the runway.

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A cool idea (I think) would be recording the replay (the radar screen only) and watching it sped up like a time lapse. Nice video Declan, would love to see more :)

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Don’t worry I’ve got that in the works as well. Just wanted to start of by showing a full controlling session, so people could get what it could be like realistically from a point of view from a controller.


good idea, but I’m not going to lie, I only watched for 10 minutes later I was halfway through the video and by the end I went to the last part, anyway I liked the idea

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