Busy day at Charlotte-Douglas

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So much American…I love it!


I got a Delta MD-88

Air Canada says otherwise.

They have a crj-200fly here

I never really asked but cool!

Kinda weird seeing AA livery on turbo props. Usually see jets around here at Miami with AA.

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Yeah I bet I know MIA gets a lot of heavies

The A332 had to taxi back to its gate

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Nice shots!

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Thank you today was worth it

Luckily you’re by a busy airport. I’m at an I’ntl airport, but it’s a connection airport. All they have is MD-80s, A319/20s, Cessnas, Beechcrafts and some random Lamborgini by the fence…

Do you have a better quality camera? Or is this your phone camera?

Phone camera and the pictures with bad quality I took those inside a car with the windshield in front of me

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