Busy Closely Located Airports

Hey Guys! I love short routes because I would hate wasting my time taking five-hour flights. But a lot of times, it is impossible to take short routes that have traffic and ATC at both departure and destination airports. Does anyone know of two busy airports with ATC that are less than an hour from each other?

LAX and SFO would a fine example. If you’re on TS, then most likely than not, both are open. Or you could fly EGLL-EHAM, Short Haul, ATC present at one, the other or both ends most times. Lastly, Paris to London works, Paris to Amsterdam too, which ever one you would like to fly.

Right now there’s ATC at EHAM, LFPG and EGLL on Training Sever, same goes for LAX and SFO, so I’d say; Fly Now!


Thanks! Do you have an idea of the flying time between those two? In, say, a 737?

Depends on many factors, I’d say around an hour, little less or more. between 40 minutes for the shortest ones to 1hr 30min for the longest ones. So basically in the realm of what you were looking for :)

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Nice!! Thanks so much!

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No Worries, Hope you enjoy your flight, Wish you Safe Travels!

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Some other examples:
flights between CYYZ, CYUL, KBOS and NYC airports
Lots of busy airports in europe

BTW if you don’t want to spend a ton of time, just leave the flight running during a longer flight. Most of us do this pretty often.

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You can do EGLL-EHAM. Always ATC, good time killer, not too long.

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Thanks, will try it!

Is that in expert server where there is always ATC at EGLL-EHAM? I am on Trainer Server and usually the only airports with full ATC is EGLL, KSFO, and KLAX.

UPS flies a 757 between Philly and JFK that only takes like 20 min

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Absolutely not! I’m talking TS. Expert Server always has different regions that IFATC have to follow. There a no real need for full ATC. The only possible one will be KSFO-KLAX with 2 others being long haul.

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Thanks for the help.

JFK is always open. You can fly to either DCA or BOS from there, both flights take just under an hour.
PHL is even closer.

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