Busy Bali airport

Hi IFC, here are some photos i took from the ‘In & Out of Bali’ event. Of course, Denpasar airport was crowded with planes!

My route:

  • Aircraft: 787-10 (SIA)
  • Calligsn: SQ938
  • Server: Expert


You were o-so close to capturing me in a Jetstar 787 there! Very VERY busy wasn’t it! Fun though! Good shots!

Well, I think I was there when you took those shots…

Heh, I think im in the background of that second photo there, in a Bombardier CRJ-1000

Nice Shots You Got There! Thanks For Joining!

I swear I heard your callsign in comms
I’m Singapore 945

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Really nice pictures! 😎


I’ve definitely heard you!

Thanks for this post, I missed the event