Busy Atlanta! / DeltaVA 4 year Anniversary!

A Happy Anniversary to @DeltaVirtual! Today’s event was absolutely amazing, so many planes flew in and out of KATL. I would also like to thank all the DLVA Staff who made a wonderful event for all of us and IFATC who volunteered and were able to land and takeoff every aircraft safely under a lot of stress (assuming that you all were under stress as there were so many planes) so let’s get right into it!

Fly in

Route- LFPG to KATL
Server- Expert
Flight time- 8hrs 45mins
Aircraft- A359
Airline- Delta ♥️
Cruising altitude- FL380

  1. Blasting out of Paris!

  1. Descending into Atlanta

  1. Final runway 27L

  1. A butter landing!

  1. Parked in KATL as more planes spawn in

Fly out

Route- KATL to KLAX
Server- Expert
Flight time- 4hrs 28mins
Aircraft- B752
Airline- Delta ♥️
Cruising altitude- FL360

  1. All of us preparing for the fly out (There were more planes, it just couldn’t appear in the screenshot)

  1. More planes preparing for departure

  1. Rotate!

  1. Another Butter landing in KLAX

  1. Parked in KLAX

Comment below your favourite pic :)


Nice photos!! I like the 4th photo :)

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Thank you :D

4 for the fly in and 3 for the fly out

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Thank you 😀

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