Busy approach at Miami

How many final approach do you want?
Miami tower: y e s

A hectic approach during our group flight event with Infiniteflight Global Aviators. (I’m the one in md-11f)

No go around was executed and luckily no one was injured.

Server: Expert
Route: MMMX - KMIA


i doubt that, the intern at the tower fainted


Miami being busy looks like an average day at Heathrow. Great shot though! Love the 747! :)

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It worse in Training and Casual server hahahh

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Sweet grab mate , busy busy 👌

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Sounds fun lol, and great picture! The angle and the zoom is noice and you can see the shapes of all the planes.


Cheers mate!

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Yep it was pretty hard to do but the catch was worth it

Thought this said “No one was executed and luckily no go around was injured”


4 Legend Birds✈😍

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Well that escalated quickly hahah