Busy airport!

There’s a few things I need to clear up. I know it’s training server and pilots are learning on it but for example: I was controlling Heathrow and it was really busy. Someone kept spamming inbound on ILS and it messed up the order I had and it also caused delays as the person decided to go afk as soon as they landed and they were on a active runaway.

  • If you fly to a busy airport and there’s atc, there’s no need to spam and you need to be patient as being an atc is hard if the airport is busy.
  • Second thing is, if atc clears you for immediate take off, there’s no need to stop on the runaway.
  • Third off all, if takeoffs are on one runaway, for example 27L at Heathrow, it means most landings are taking place on 27R
  • The last thing is, if you are no where near the runaway, don’t ask for clearance for take off

I’m not having a go at no one and I’m sorry if it seems i am, but it’s just a few tips.
I hope everyone has a good year aswell :)

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Like you said, it’s TS1 so nothing to do about it. If you really want to learn something, I suggest you open smaller airports. You may consider Trios ATCEG.



Unfortunately Training Server is like that, and it’s quite likely that a lot of the pilots causing you grief are not members of this community so will not see posts pleading for better behaviour.

I would recommend avoiding controlling at EGLL, KLAX and some of the other busiest airports as they often attract the least professional pilots. You may want to open an ATC Tracking Thread to attract in some pilots who do read the posts and tutorials on this forum, and choose airports to control at that will not get as much problematic traffic.


I feel your pain but on the flip side every once in a while I’ll be able to maintain order. This played out nicely at SFO the other day with aircraft trying to land on the wrong runway but then after being given different pattern instructions they complied. I was pleasantly surprised. I have found it helps if you don’t walk into a mess initially. LAX earlier in the morning seems to be less crowded.

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I’m not that confident to start atc on expert so I need to gain more time on training for now but thank you for telling me about the atc thread

The thing is at the start I had it maintained. I would have 1 departure on 27L and one landing on 27R and then the unrealistic pilot started spamming and going afk on the runaway. And now I have school this week it’s gonna be hard for me to play infinite flight

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ATC Tracking Threads are for Training Server - you post where you are controlling on TS1, and ask competent pilots to join you so that you can get some experience. See:

However, if you are some way off going for IFATC status, best to just choose quieter airports in TS1 to control on without a Tracking thread. Patience is a virtue with some of the pilots you will have to deal with, and if they are not following instructions then just try to work around them.

Note that you cannot control on Expert until you have amassed a sufficient number of ATC operations, passed the online theory test, and undertaken a practical test with some IFATC controllers.

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In my opinion would be great that an ATC with experience will announce on the forum where will be active as many users (like me) would like to play even on Training Server a good ATC even if we are level 2.

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