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The concept of the CL 35 is amazing! I’m so glad the devs took there time with it. From our previous options even with the turbo 930 do you think we’re headed to a more corporate based platform stance? Bc they are working on 747 passenger sections and possible more turbo airliner Addons but regardless, this is just the beginning!

I agree with a few points that you make

  1. The CL35 is a great addiction to the IF Fleet

I am quite confused what you mean with this post. Is it a complaint or a feature request or something else?

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I assume you mean the TBM 930. I wouldn’t say IF is heading to a more corporate/GA (if that’s what you mean) based platform, as they are also developing many more commercial aircraft. However, I would agree with you as in they have been adding more private liveries to their aircraft additions lately (E175 more example) and especially with the CL35, they are showing corporate aviation the love it deserves.

They are actually A380 cross sections, it won the poll last year for next aircraft to be reworked. It’s a WIP, the 747 hasn’t been confirmed at all

Not sure what you mean by Turbo, but we know the A380 is coming up. I wouldn’t expect a new private jet anytime soon but who knows that IF will bring. I would say reworking current aircraft would be a higher priority


If you want you more business planes feel free to Vote

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Neither, honestly was a compliment and a question mixed with observations! I know they are working on fixing up the wide body’s and was curious if anyone had any ideas or thoughts into the corporate world of IF now that we have a excellent jet in the line.

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I completely agree! And I do remember them bringing up the blueprints for the A380 couple months back. Devs are running the show with these additions. I mean really the entire layout is pretty smooth to where we used to be in like 2012


Honestly the 350i has a 35000 operating ceiling and can fly up to 1550 nm so even if u needed to get to some further distances it’s a pretty versatile aircraft. Would love to put it up against a PC12 or something similar and see which one is better! Excellent idea you brought up E

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