Business Jets and Turboprop Action at Gloucestershire Airport

Every year, hundreds of people flock to Cheltenham for the annual races! So enjoy this awesome spotting compilation of some incredible rich people business jets and turboprops at one of England’s premier general aviation airports, Gloucestershire Staverton


Did you make this video?(:


Classic. Comedy at it’s finest.


I recorded all of the footage and then edited it before posting it onto my YouTube channel. All mine! I even took the photos used in the custom thumbnail, I’ll share those later


Wow. Cool stuff dude


Nice! That’s my local too, was planning on going to see all the movements up there during the festival but couldn’t get time off work because my boss has been at the festival all week😂😣

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Ahh damn it! There was still some movements over the weekend?

Completely ran out of time😫 ah well there’s always next year

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If you prop up your camera at the end of the runway it would make an amazing timelapse

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Interesting idea! I might try that next time, thanks :)

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