Business class on the Qantas A380

Recently I hopped on a Qantas A380 from Sydney to London via Dubai. We where quite fortunate in getting an upgrade to business class and where treated to lie flat beds (which are needed with about 18 hours of darkness on the flight). Is anyone has any questions about the experience I would be more then happy to answer them, enjoy the photos 😁


Mmm, the waffles! Lucky you getting upgraded! Hope you enjoyed your flight! :)


Looks lovely. Did you get to visit the cockpit then? If so how was it?

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How was flying on the A380 compared to other aircraft?

How was Dubai?


I sure did, amazing to see that a massive plane is just controlled by a simple joystick, nothing too special about it


Get some good rest and enjoy yourself, lucky fella!
I’ve never been to Business Class on the A380 before…

Nice pictures!
What camera did you use for the dark cockpit picture?

Your really lucky. It’s my dean to fly on the a380

How’d you get into the cockpit? I’ve noticed on flights with aircraft like that, you may never even see the pilots, nice pics overall ;)


I just love the waffles! If I was hungry, I’d eat my phone to reach them.

May I know how to ask them so they can allow you to visit the cockpit? I always fail when I convinced the FAs to get a permission to enter the cockpit =/

Btw, Awesome pictures! And Qantas’ J Class seems to be really comfortable! Did you get upgraded for your inbound flight?

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iPhone 7 Plus for all of them

A flight attendant actually offered mid way through the Dubai to London leg and said to go down to the front of the upper deck of the aircraft at the end of the flight, we found him and he took us down to the cockpit

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You know business class perks, if your in economy probs just ask really kindly and hopefully you have nice crew who let you do it. I’ve got upgraded for there and back so I’ll have more pics on the way back

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It’s actually amazing, the quietness of the beast is incredible and with the noise cancelling headphones you almost forget your flying

Oh thanks! Great shots you got there mate!

1000% I agree with you. I love it

Ur even more lucky to visit the cockpit 😍

I am a frequent flyer in Indigo airlines whoch has only A320 it’s actualky an Indian airlines which had recently started its routes for international… Atelast better than Air India. I wanted to see the cockpit and those attendants didnt allow me even though i pleaded them. Its relly disappointing when they reject you like that 😞😞. I wish i could fly an A380 too and on top of thay visit the cockpit😍😍

Fly business and you’ll get the perks

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