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Hey IFC,
So I have a business assignment (creating a business) of which I have to complete and I just wanted some ideas for the business. Now I do want this to be aviation related and it can be a fake major airline or a small business that a 17-year-old could actually create, I really don’t mind. Please comment your suggestions below, they will all be taken into consideration. I will probably do a poll in the future. I will look at all your comments this weekend.

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To get the ball rolling do you want it to be a regional airline or a major airline?

Wait a for your airline ?

How about your own aerospace company?

Maybe a specialty airline? Ex: charter

Maybe a firefighting or SAR company, or large cargo transport?

Well since I know it’s for your airline
It depends on aircraft
Seats and Price on your flights

I don’t mind, just give me your suggestions.

Sorry, I don’t understand

So a charter airline or cargo airline? Ok

I doesn’t have to be an airline remember.

If you do an airlines look at how others started, PenAir started by a 19 year old, good luck!

Ok, when I say an airline, I’m not actually going to create my own real airline. I don’t have the money for even an SR22.

Catering company? Airport Services?

Are there any more details about the assignment? I mean if the goal is to just make a company with no additional parameters that is pretty wide open. If you have limitations as in you need to have inventory, employees, etc.


This is the complete assignment, as you can tell it’s very detailed!

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A good way to start is pick a successful and rising business(Ryanair as an example). Find out why they’re good, what challenges they face, look at approx numbers and use that for your business.

Hope this helps

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Also some of Wendovor Productions aviation relating videos will be useful becuase it mentions some ecoonomics and could help you with one of your questions relating to price and business strategy and will be good for references

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