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Honestly just made this post to talk about the private sector of IF again. I have been loving the TBM and Challenger airframes lately. Any ideas maybe what to create next on the private side? I feel another good turbo prop like a king air or hauler like a Global or Gulfstream would be phenomenal. I know they are busy getting the A380 done and out rn, its slow going, but it can’t hurt to throw the ideas out there!


Hello, I recommend that you check out the Features category, where you can vote for more business aircraft!

Aircraft Feature Requests:


Hey James. Due to legal issues Gulfstream aircraft will not be making it into Infinite Flight. Now, I do suggest you check out the Bombardier Global 7500 page and drop a vote.

Business aviation is awesome and pretty sad seeing it glossed over in IF.


Corporate jets are underrated in IF. Please vote for the Global 7500. We need a long range real bizjet

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Still waiting