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Could also give this a read Gulfstream Aerospace Legal Notices

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That’s just another long hauler! It’s much more fun flying into smaller airports 😉


Yes please totally if we can’t have the golf stream because of copyright then we have to have the bombardier Global 7500

I feel like this is actually not a good idea on Gulfstreams’ part from a business perspective if they had their planes in a simulator it could be a boost in sales and marketing I know we’re probably never gonna have it in infinite flight but I just don’t understand why Gulfstream doesn’t want a huge marketing opportunity in the large group of flight simulators

I’ll go ahead and drop my opinion on the idea.

I would like more business jets, but in my opinion, we already have them. We have the B737BBJ, CCX, TBM930, etc. Infinite Flight, for me, has covered everything so far.

In the future, though, I would like to see larger and smaller business jets. Say a nice Honda Jet for those short runways or a vision jet. Even @DeerCrusher favorite aircraft, the challenger 350.

I’d also like to mention that every aircraft can be considered a private aircraft. As shown by the people that use commercial airliners for their business. There are endless possibilities with the current Infinite Flight fleet.


I’d love to see some more variety too.

  • Daher Kodiak 100/900 with and without Float

  • King Air F90 Blackhawk XP135A

  • Pilatus PC-24

  • Embraer Praetor 500/600

  • Bombardier Global (even a shorter range variant would be good)

  • Small improvements to make the TBM near perfect

  1. Gulfstream has plenty of brand recognition.

  2. The flight sim community is far from their target buyer

I don’t think they care or have to tbh. We at Infinite Flight agree there is a void in the biz jet representation. You never know what we have up our sleeve! ;)


What would be reworked on it… It’s darn near new and has all new features of our most modern aircraft.


I bet you guys have aircraft reworks planned out to 2025, with some gaps for community choices!


The TBM is brand new in the technology of Infinite Flight:

  • Custom Engine sounds
  • Doors Opening
  • Live Cockpit
  • Wide variety of liveries
  • etc

My top 3 as someone who owns and flies a TBM IRL:

  • Flight Characteristics with the A/P engaged

  • Flight model with flap extension

  • Ground friction


  • Update to -960
  • Simulation control of the variable power rating, but understand why it not.

Better yet, provide hard data and feedback on any improvements and we’d be happy to make changes to the flight model. This certainly doesn’t need a ground-up rework, nor is the 960 different enough to warrant one. Shoot me a PM with any POH references and first-hand feedback. We’re always trying to improve the flight experience!

No not a complete rework. Edited above to “small

I’ll send some HARD DATA and IF replay demo flights.


Thanks so much! Looking forward to it. :) The TBM is one of my favorites!


Up the sleeve meaning Citation Rework and Global 7500?

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Mine too (for now obvious reasons);
Easily the most versatile a/c in the sim. Just a few tweaks here and there and we’re golden.


Yeah but you can fly into some pretty small airports with the Global 7500

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All Gulfstream aircraft feature request have been closed. This is actually good news. It means we’re getting IF’s attention that there is demand for a business jet. I trust that something is already in the pipeline.

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Completely agreed, I mean, I haven’t made a long haul trip for months, I always fly the A320 or 737, short haul, and I agreed, the citation is really an old plane, the TBM 900 is also cool, But sometimes I would like to travel with more than those two…

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I agree! For me , flying the BBJ or CCX is ok, but i’d like more that’s all.

As mentioned previously, there are lots of commercial jets, small and large to choose from.
I would just love something different and most definitely with its own flight characteristics.

Flying into an airport with a BBJ vs a King Air, now that would feel different!

Hopefully the King Air in the features will be one of the " aircraft up the sleeves " 😉


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