Business Aviation Aircraft

Hi all,

I really enjoy this game, i really do, but really notice the lack of attention to business/corporate aviation.

Don’t get me wrong, i love a good long haul flight across the pond in the big iron, but really would love to see some attention given to releasing more corporate aircraft.

Developers, i know you’re busy and putting in long hours and pumping out great work, but please put some Gulfstream, Learjet, King Air, etc, on the assembly line.

Im craving those short and long flights into smaller and larger airports, but with a corporate vibe. The Citation X is just not cutting it!

Who else would love to see more corporate business aviation love, here in the Infinite Flight skies?




I definitely wanna see Beechcraft Super King Air and PC-12 but while I want to have them on IF, I would still have more interested in commercial flying and probably a lot of us here as well mainly because flying commercial airliners are just so much fun. It’s so awesome especially when you can fly a Boeing 777 or a A320. But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t be interested in business aircraft. We still are but a lot of us here are commercial airliner enthusiast too.


Sounds like a reasonable request! I would recommend creating a #features if no one has done so yet, and if so show some support for your corporate jets there. I hate to break it to you, but nothing is going to change most likely here, and your best bet is sharing some love in our designated category for this topic per #features guidelines outlined at the top of the category.

Sounds like an interesting can of worms and I wish you all good luck on your endeavors. :)


Totally understand. But this is an aviation sim, we’re all enthusiasts in our own respected areas.

What im saying is, there’s more than enough big iron to choose from. Some would just like to see more variety…and this sim can give it to us!



I strongly support this as I do feel like the more variety we have, the better. Fortunately, there are feature requests out there so if you wanna see them in this sim, vote for them. This will allow the aircraft to have a better chance of being added to IF. If the feature topic doesn’t, you can always make one like what


Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure IF said gulfstream wasn’t cooperating with the idea of having their aircraft in the sim


This is true. If you carefully look at other flight sims, you’ll notice that none of them have Gulfstream aircraft in their fleet. GS really isn’t too keen on Devs using their models.


Damn, that’s unfortunate. Why wouldn’t gulfstream let the dev use their models? I’m actually surprised about that

Unknown but it’s pretty much the same for all flight sims. They made a cease and desist order over it a decade ago.

Seems relatable. This applies for each flight sims, not just IF. Expanded Google search and this is what pops up. I’d say it’s reasonable

And also this too. There are more reasons but yeah, if you look at the topic itself and that means read it through, you’ll understand

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As of now there are legal barriers preventing those models from being brought to life - from what I am aware of. Furthermore, what I mentioned above, I was not specifying any aircraft, and was recommending that business jet talk should be moved towards #features if you wish to support said aircraft. :)

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Correct. There are no plans to add a Gulfstream to Infinite Flight, unfortunately. We respect any manufacturer that doesn’t want their product replicated in a simulator.


I know this isn’t IF but if Gulfstream didn’t want their models on flight sims, then how come there’s G550 for FSX

Just because they did doesn’t mean Gulfstream didn’t take issue with it. We won’t open that can of worms.


Yeah, it’s better to respect them than to just violate and might get into a huge problem. Always show respect to the companies especially those that are in the aviation industry like aircraft manufacturers 😀


That’s a freeware product so there’s not much gulfstream can do besides tell them to change the name maybe idk about that but cuz there not making money there’s nothing for gulfstream to really take. So basically IF would have to allow someone to donate one or something for everyone to fly for it to get added.

But a Bombardier Global 7500 would work, right;)


I agree, the more we have, the better . I understand there are feature topics regarding "next aircraft " and I’m one who voted for the Gulfstream as well.

Now that it’s mentioned above, i do remember the restrictions on the Gulfstream and why its not in the sim. Thanks for information. But there are many others that hopefully we can shed some light on and get some votes for future projects. Next stop, features section 😉


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I’m still trying to find out where in the manufacturer website mentioned that they won’t allow their aircraft to be licensed for flight sim

Gulf Stream are very protective of their aircraft and such like their windows are trademarked making it hard for sims to create a detailed model of the plane. Better to keep on the safe side