Busiest times as active ATC

image Hello All, I’ve come to ponder the question to you of what’s your busiest experiences you’ve seen & controlled (in the best fashion) as a member of Air Traffic Control… If you were on the Playground server within the last hour I may of controlled you at Kuala Lumpa Airport and it went pretty crazy!

Below please post either a story/experience, photo/s (if taken), the Location & Server, AOB
Thanks Dom :)


I wasn’t ATC but was doing pattern work as Delta 62 Heavy in SoCal playground around KLAX yesterday about 6pm US central time. It was going down there, those ATC boys and girls were pushing tin!

I remember taking a picture (it’s lost now) of at least 9 planes all blinking with requests at the same time.


I had 10 planes in line for takeoff as LAX tower in the playground once. I also had an equal to greater amount coming in for landing. It was pretty hectic, but I got out of it unharmed. 😀

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Nice your getting sharp with ATC!

It got pretty busy there - good job!

I think all pilots should have a go at ATC’ing during rush hour so they know when to send messages and more importantly when not to - like requesting takeoff when 6th in line 😐

KNUC in playground is pretty much always heavy traffic - especially with only one runway.

Even worse when people don’t listen! Welcome to simulator logic!


For me it would have to be being tower and ground at KSAN and having 8 planes all wanting to to pattern work while 8 more were wanting to inbound for landing. Thankfully no one on the ground was requesting anything yet.

Oh I’ve had similar today, especially when I’m controlling ground and tower and both are busy…

Here’s some more photos of today… It was mental and pretty stressful trying to get people into pattern work when they won’t listen… At one point I had the full 8 lined up for a runway I had to make others use other runways or standby!