Busiest routes in aviation

Came across this article today listing the busiest routes in commercial aviation by passenger count. The top spot is from Seoul South Korea to Jeju South Korea with over 13 million passengers a year, or a flight roughly every 8 minutes.

The number one spot for international routes was Hong Kong to Taiwan.

Interestingly, almost all of the routes on the list are in Asia. ✈️


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Lucky for him this is a cool topic ;)

Thanks for sharing @Flying_Amsterdam I’m moving it to RWA


Hmm, this is interesting. Nice find @Flying_Amsterdam

I didn’t say that this isn’t a cool topic.

But I thought that LHR-AMS the busiest route was :)

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Hong Kong to Taiwan sees daily 777 operations, it being the busiest route in the world I am not surprised

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San Francisco to Los Angeles is prety popular but it’s not the most flown.

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This is actually very cool! 😎

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Wow. I can’t even imagine it here in the US.

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Already knew about the Seoul Gimpo-Jeju route. It’s insane how much demand there is. Look on flightaware, constant 747, 777s from Korean and 737s from other airlines, it’s crazy.

Ps: I read Chicago - New York is the busiest air route in the United States.


Really interesting!! Thought most would be in the US for some reason.

How about JFK-LAX (5 Airlines) and JFK- LHR (4 Airlines)

Do not underestimate the power of Asian tourism :)


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