Busiest Airport

Can someone tell me what the most active airport is usually? I would like to practice ATC but whenever I spawn at one of the leaderboard airports they are inactive or the ground keeps switching in and out.

Are you wondering which airport on the Expert server or the training server?

Hey there!

The training server’s active airports are usually very crowded and sometimes unorganized. Effective practice can be achieved through ATC tracking threads.

Just follow the format and post it. maybe some friendly pilot will come on into your open session and give you ATC advice afterwards.

Happy Flying!


KJFK, EGLL, large airports in real life are usually the popular ones. But be aware that a lot of trolls are on the Training Server and the might not listen to your commands.

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Got it. Thanks for the help!

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If your starting out Like myself i would advise you start off at single runway airports. Plenty of them in Europe and a couple in Australia. Makes sequencing and other tasks easier to manage then say Amsterdam or London

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The busiest airport is most of the time EGLL/ London Heathrow and KLAX/ LAX @Alec

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Usually LAX or EGLL on the Training and casual. Maybe JFK and EHAM depending on the day.

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