Bush flying

Is there anyone out there in the Infinite flight community that does a group flight for bush flying?


Hey! I personally am not aware of any, but you can check the #live:groupflights area and look around there! Have a wonderful day!

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thank you, you too

These dedicated groups of pilots are typically found in the form of VAs (virtual airlines). I’ll avoid pointing out specific ones for promotional reasons, but I’m sure if you scanned the #live:va category as well, you would find some VAs that might fit the general aviation theme. If you can’t seem to find anything, message me and I can assist you further. Thanks!

thank you very much

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In know that there is the IFGA virtual organization

I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘bush flying’, but over the years myself and others have done many scenic group flights through some spectacular parts of the world. Once I joined a group flight organized by a pilot who knew the high-mountain-terrain really well, and he was our guide. One of the more amazing flights I’ve done.

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Bush flying means landing small planes on grass dirt or gravel runways


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