Bush flying

Can someone tell me the best and maybe hardest airports to bush fly at? I would like to try it out

Pretty much any remote airport in Alaska.


Alright will take a look thanks

I have found that Indonesia and Papua New Guinea is an amazing spot to go bush flying. The WAJW and the WAJO area have lots of terrain and very very short runways, so twice the fun.

@Rhys_V lol


Oh nice imma try this one out right now…and is the cub the best plane to bush fly with?

The cub would probably be your best option, at least for the area I mentioned. Runway lengths can get down to around 1,200-1,800 feet.


Ok thanks for the options will try it now :)

Oh that, lol. Was very fun to go bush flying in those areas! (Especially when Shane’s aircraft was super slow) 😂

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I hope one day there will be a nice light twin in IF, something like a Beech Baron… It will bridge a gap between the Caravan and Dash8. It would be a good choice for mountainous and Bush area explorations!

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Nepal is a great Bush flying place. it is quite fun :D

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