Bush Flying in the Cub

Hi! What are some good short bush flying routes in Alaska that are capable of being done in the XCub?


I especially like the area around Juneau and Nome for bush flying. Just be careful and do it on Casual server so you don’t get taxiway speed violations.


The website I linked below has some great locations you can bring the Cub over at and make some challenging landings. Suggest you look below to get more of an idea!


Highly recommend Juneau, Alaksa

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I also like to fly around the Reno area. I will waterski and find a few cool mountaintops southwest of Trukee

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The Canadian Rockies including Banff is beautiful to fly the XCub through. If you do, I consider you flying through Lake Louise! The website @infiniteflight_17 linked is great as well!

Juneau is a really good spot, along with other coastal areas, like Nome. Not much more from me, haven’t really dug through Alaska yet.

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