Bush Flying in Papua New Guinea in the Cessna 172

Bush flying in a Cessna 172 brings a unique blend of adrenaline and freedom to pilots. Imagine skimming over rugged terrain, manoeuvring through narrow valleys, and landing on remote airstrips nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes.

In the Cessna 172, every flight is an adventure. Pilots must rely on their skill and instinct to navigate challenging conditions. Flying over mountains to find the best valley leading to a runway on an airfield. To flying low over dense forests to touching down on gravel bars along winding rivers, each journey is filled with excitement and the thrill of exploration.

Cessna 172 needs time and distance to climb and you will need to use imaginative ways to get over a mountain to get to your destination on the other side.

There are no waypoints to guide you but with experience, you can make a mental map of the landmarks .

The 172’s versatility and reliability make it the perfect companion for discovering remote destinations, offering pilots the unparalleled experience of connecting with nature and conquering the skies in a truly exhilarating way.

Papua New Guinea is a great place to try. Enjoy!

Some airports are glitches: for example OLQ, AYTE, AYAY. These can be even more challenging! Before the Airport editors get to correct them!


Thanks for these pictures…I am going to land there with heavy aircrafts…It will be fun to do😅


Nice pictures, never give a glitched airport to @Abhik_Mallik 😂

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Now, Abhik’s Air India 747 gonna land there forcefully actually🗿