Bush flying in IF

Give 15S - Lester State, Seattle region a try.

Its a heap of fun. Would love the Super to be updated.

Most my hours in IF are in the Super in Seattle. Would love to see more GA aircraft in IF. In particular more STOL aircraft, Super Cub or something. A Beaver would be nice


@D_Gee… MaxSez: my kind of guy you fly my go to craft particularly the D,
I’ll look fir you in Seattle TS or Expert? Max

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Expert. Just got done up at Tieton

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@Maxmustang. Was that you earlier in Frisco? 8 was playing a little dog fighting with yah?

Callsign W211

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I am new to GA flying in general, it would be awesome if @Maxmustang and @D_Gee could give some tips :p

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Low and slow is the way to go 👌 - Provided your not stalling that is lol.

Rotate speed in the Super and C172 will be around 60 kts.

Landing in the 172 I aim for around 60/65 kts.

In the super you can take it just below 50 kts, depending on ya AOA, before things start to get ugly .

That’s all there is to it really, go out and have fun. If ya want to know something else feel free to flick me a PM.

Free for a flight now if anyone’s around?


I wish. Currently don’t have live, however if I get it I will pm you about a flight.

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Sounds like a plan 👌

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Check out 59CA in the San Fran region. I fly from there to 17CL, and it’s one of my favourite routes. It’s quite challenging though.

@Pilot8… The key to a Tail Dragger like a Super D on the ground is hand, foot and eye coordination. Stick/Rudder skill in any wind over 5 knots from any quarter on the D to remain in the groove take a bit of practice. Right hand on the rudder, Lft hand controls Stick/Throttle. Once you get use to the necessity of cross controlling with a lowered wing into the wind on any cross wind and get a feel for juggling the control surfaces and getting up on the step you’ll be fine. Here’s a Landing trick you might try; Lock the wheels on Approach. (All IF Brakes emulate autobrake/skid.) Unlock the brakes when the tail lowers on landing. Practice make perfect. If you master the D in the wind you can fly anything in the IF inventory. PM me with questions. When you feel you got a handle on the D PM me. I’ll critique a couple of circuits.
Regards, Max

(Note: you look up the V’s, no flaps to worry about. She’s just a great big motorized kite with a big dihedral wing which makes it an exceptional stable aerobatic craft)


Thought is was only me who knew that trick ;) haha

I’ll address the rugged runway question from an Airport Editor’s standpoint.
Currently and unfortunately, we cannot adjust runways that are uneven. What I mean by that is, if one end of a runway is a few fresh higher in altitude than another, we cannot do that in Infinite Flight. Our Editor only allows us to create completely flat runways. Good examples where this disadvantage would be most noticeable is a place like Courchevel Altiport (LFLJ) in which the runway has a significant incline. The available options that we have at this point just don’t allow us to make these adjustments.
With this being said, rugged and rough dirt runways are something that is probably even farther away from being a possibility than uneven runways are. Although, rugged runways would be wicked cool to have in IF, but unfortunately, we’ll just have to deal flat runways for now. :(

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I’m very much beginning to see why people like @Maxmustang get such a kick out of playing with the taildraggers. So much so that the first question I’ll be asking my tutor when it comes to doing the PPL is ‘where can I go and learn to fly a Cub’. And then I browsed the internet and found that I really, really, really want one of these:




No worries @Jules_Race, if you fancy meeting up for a little flight PM me. I’m always up for taking the Spitfire for a little trip. Not really ideal for bush flying but she’s small and agile enough to get into almost anywhere and I enjoy so good old GA flying

Thats the spirit!

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@Lewis_Birdie_Avery… MaxSez: I like the IF Spit but in my opinion it got a flaw!
It don’t like wing overs or hi-G turns with a hard bank. Any pull outside the T/B indicator induces a stall when I fly ACM. It may be technique that big wing should be forgiving. Additionally stall recovery at med to low altitude is the pits.
As a matter of mutual interest the P-38’s a dog.f


MaxSez: @Leodhasach… Strap on a D-Super my highland friend an try this:


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Always loved the look of bush flying and STOL. Check out old Valdez videos - those are awesome. Just recently I made a Super Cub request:


@Maxmustang I totally agree a low to mid level stall is 99.9% unrecoverable I’ve got out of 1 and that was a lot more luck than judgement. Can’t really comment on wing overs as I prefer to use Split-s or Immelmann but I’ll give it a go later and see how I get on. Hi-G turns can be a nightmare but I tend to do them straight out of a shallow dive for max air speed and this tends to carry me through. I do also love the P-38 but being a plucky Brit, it’s the Spitfire all day for me.

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I used to go flying with a classmate at the college of alameda aviation maintenance technology program who owned a mooney that has a Porsche engine every Friday we used to do touch and goes most of the time. And other times we landed at Hayward airport to meet up with one of his friends the had a Cessna 310 turbo charged on one side of his hanger and on the other side he was building a replica to fly it was an interesting to watch and Nathan always gave me the controls for 10 mins just because I finished ground school but had no flight hours until this one time… he gave me the controls on a turbulent day to read the map and said don’t let the left wing stall and I had good control of the mooney then for exactly 1.2 seconds I spaced out and a left cross wind stalled the left wing and we got into a stall and spin and my scary butt let go of the controls and thought that was it for the both of us but he graped the yoke pushed right rudder nosedown and pulled out of it… and because of that life and death situation I stopped going up with him in his moony and decided to keep my feet on the ground and repair the aircrafts that would be flown GA aircrafts are fragile unlike militaryaircrafts