Bush flying in IF

Hi there,
Ive got really interested in bush flying recently, and I’ve been using the super decathlon to fly around the smallest airfields! I have 3 questions who anyone who wants to answer:

  • are there any really short strips in IF which can be used for realistic bush flying?
  • will the decathlon be upgraded one day??
  • does anyone else want to push ideas of more GA and STOL aircraft to the developers?

Also I was wondering if dirt strips will at some point become more rugged and mishaped for crazy bush flying!!!

Thanks for everyone’s support
This post is merely for general discussion.


  1. Everywhere
  2. Every aircraft will be put in the game eventually
  3. I want more GA aircraft too.

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At this moment, the only aircraft made for bush flying is the super decalthon, and that will stay for a while. Yes! I do want more GA because the regions are small and the most fun thing in Infinite Flight are short flights, at least for me. The longer flights can get boring really quick but those GA flights will stay fun.

unfortunate, there are not many people who are interested in GA.


We really need to do a feature request.

There are almost an unlimited amount of short hops you can make in If already. I used the SR22 and fly in and out of some tiny little strips all over the place. Look at the region map and see what’s about in that region and have some fun. Good to see your trying something different though so well played you.

@Jules_Race… MaxSez. Because of the Super D’s low stall speed and with the proper handling the Suoer-D can be landed anywhere in the bush no aerodrome required. Just stay below the stall threshold on final. 3 point Landings with the stall horn blaring is best. (Ground Speed violation is set at 35 miles per. On final hold a good speed scan, also locked brakes emulate auto brakes/Anti skid. Lock’em on Approach release when down to walking speed.)


Great thanks Max!

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Thanks mees, perhaps we could pick perhaps the piper cub or something, then all suggest it onto the features page


Thanks Lewis!

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Yeah! But I’m not so focussed on the bush flying, I just hope more GA. What about you guys?

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@Mees. The Caravan (C-208) is a turbo STOL with reversible props. Handled properly it and the C-130 can do it in the dirt just like the D. (Best all around are the Porter & Super Cub)

(The D is just a modified Champ with a big wing for aerobatics, no a Budher like a Modified Super Cub w/Tundra Wheels + a wing chop)


check out 0CA8 in the socal region

64CL, I believe SoCal

EHBX, its a helipad though, there’s one in the London region, though, I’m unsure of its name.

Thanks Gavrilo

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Thanks Kevirtual

@Jules_Race, you would love the Discovery channel TV show called Bush pilots ! Take a look and see if you can find a few episodes on You Tube.

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you’re welcome, L45 should be another fun approach in the mountains , not a bush strip but good practice

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MaxSez: Try this challenger in the Frisco Region. Fr Cl-77 (Bonney Dunes) to
17CL (Los Trancas). The over ocean low Approach at CL-17 is the bomb.


Try the Super Decalton and pick a random airport in the mountains. Land everywhere!