Bush Flying Challenge!

Hey there!
I recently took off from Clark Ranch Airpark in SoCal, and noticed a short airstrip on the terrain, I had a super decathlon and tried to land on it, but found it difficult due to the hill it’s on! I’ll include an image of this, and if you can find any other examples of this terrain then please tell me.

I challenge you all to land the super decathlon onto one of these remote strips!


You already have a thread on this. Just post it there :)

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MaxSez: There are numorous clear cuts thruout the IF regions which are serviceable outback strips ideal for light & STOL craft. Just keep your scan going. I hit them every time I see them just for fum. Just remember set the mains down at 35 mph ASAP. The clear cuts will handle 208’s and 130’s utilizing Assult procedures.


It’s weird that it’s there but it’s not an airport in Infinite Flight.

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Hey guys I landed on the strip! Just east of Pine Airpark in SoCal…

Try it yourselves! It’s quite feasible.
Have a great evening

I believe there’s another airport on San Clemente

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