BurritoLeo’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KFAT

BurritoLeo’s ATC tracking thread!


I’ve decided to make this thread so people can hop into any airport I’m controlling to help me practice for IFATC.

Important Info

Current airport: KFAT [currently CLOSED]

Runways in use: 11L and 11R

Frequencies: Ground and Tower

Server: Training


  1. Any advise and or feedback is appreciated.
  2. Please follow all commands and be respectful to all other pilots.
  3. I’m still new to controlling so please be patient.

Hey…all the best buddy! So make sure to let use know when you are Open or Closed


Hey there! I am glad to hear that you want to join the IFATC team. Feel free to tag me when you open, I will try to stop by if I am available.


Will do! @centauridr @FN60fps


Hey, I’m gonna do a few patterns 👌

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Hi there @BurritoLeo

Here is OK-YEAH’s feedbacks:

⚠️ Little hard for the clearance after my runway change but you gave the right one by yourself at the end
⚠️ No exit runway (70-90KT usually)

✅ Good clearance for t/o with direction
✅ Frequency change after departure
✅ Transition

Nice session overall 👍🏻

Thanks for the service!


Feedback (6O-SMA) @BurritoLeo

  • [21:58:05] In this situation I am following an aircraft so a sequence is needed.

  • [21:58:40] according to my position I am on left downwind so for the pattern entry for the runway change should’ve been enter Left downwind not left base

  • [21:59:21] instead of using “im sorry” use the “correction standby” command of you want to make a correction

  • [22:03:05] what I did here is called a “upwind conflict” and it’s where I request change when there is traffic on upwind with me

to clear the conflict you can enter me right downwind instead so I turn away from the traffic so no conflict is caused or you can use “extend upwind I’ll call you crosswind” than give me a pattern entry to that side when spacing looks good, hope that makes sense and make sure to check replay from the time stamp

  • [22:05:06] make sure to give me a sequence before my clearance, and also you can give me a sequence with the pattern entry on the same command,

  • good job with the departure,

That’s all for me might be a lot but try to use the time stamps and check the replay to see how you can change these, great job out there 🤩


Thank you so much for joining me and the feedback!


Definitely following this thread! Glad to see you on the path! :)


@centauridr @FN60fps I am open at KOKC GT


@BurritoLeo Here is the feedback from (Delta 018VA)

Overall I noticed a big jump when it comes to your controlling performance since the last time I flew for you at KJFK.

There were only 2 issues

  • The first one was in my second traffic pattern, when I requested a runway change, you told me to enter right base when I was still on right downwind. So, it should have been enter right downwind instead of the base.

  • The second issue was that the exit runway command was issued too late (40kts), Try to aim for 70-80 Knots and you will be good!

Otherwise, outstanding controlling today!

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Thank you so much for joining me! Next time you join I hope to be even better!


@FN60fps @centauridr I am open at KAUS


See you there

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Maybe I can redirect and drop in a heavy into Austin to visit the Burrito!


Let me know the next time you’re out for an ATC Training event. I’m too far north running to KIND from PHNL. Bummer!


Will do @Heavy_Lifter !


Feedback (6O-SMA) @BurritoLeo

  • [19:52:28] I tried to trick you here with reporting my position. You could’ve gave the “your already cleared to land avoid unnecessary reports” but I can understand why you didn’t cause you didn’t want to be mean. But do it lol

  • [20:11:02] on the upwind conflict you understood the just of it, it’s just that you need to tell me “extend upwind I’ll call your crosswind” than when upwind traffic turn their crosswind and spacing look good you can go ahead and give me the pattern entry, as you did. Another alternative is that you could’ve entered me “Right DW, #2 traffic to follow is on Left DW” this Also works.

  • The incorrect clearance for Bullet 99 wait till I cross the threshold, I understand that you acknowledged that you already got it wrong but just put that to note
    Nice catch with the go around, amazing work today, great to see that your improving a lot. Thanks for the service today man!! 🤩


Thanks for the feedback!