Burbank Spotting @ KBUR

Today I had the chance to go to Hollywood Burbank Airport to go plane spotting!

Southwest 737-800:

United Airlines Embraer E175

Southwest 737-700:

American Airlines A319

Dassault Falcon 7X N777SJ:

B1900D N690MA:

Delta Embraer E175:

JetSuiteX E135

Spirit Airlines A319

That’s all folks! Leave any constructive criticism or comments below! Thanks!


Should be in #real-world-aviation:spotting 🙂 nice pictures though

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Yep! I realized that about 1 second after hitting publish. All fixed now!


Great pictures! I’d suggest making sure the airplanes are centered with the wings not cut off. That’s only my opinion, as everyone has their own photography styles.
Love the Spirit A319!


Love all the private jets!

Wow. Just wow. Wow. Wow. I was going to go today but my parents decided to take me to KLAX

Btw here are 3 photos

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Where was this at?! I can never get this good of a view when I go!

i either go the the parking lot or to the street in front of 08

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That B1900D passed by right over us it was at about 2,500

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There’s this great spot at the base of runway of Runway 08 where all the aircraft land.

Great pictures!

Try to work on your perspective, as all the planes are not in the middle.

Keep it up!

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Yeah it’s very challenging when you take into account the fact that I’m about 10 feet away taking photos of planes coming in at speeds of up to 140 mph. As with all things, it’ll improve as I continue to take more pictures and figure out good timing.


I’ve gone there! It’s just that they have a sign that says no loitering…

Did you use a camera to take these photos because they look beautiful. Or did you just use a phone. Because I’m wondering if it’s still possible to get good photos with a iPhone X.

Those are some excellent photos, keep it up!

In that location, it can be a bit difficult to take them with anything because they come at you very fast and very low. The advantage though is that they pass by right over you!

Very cool. I love KBUR!


Go to the in n out burger place has great views. Which camera did you use for those beautiful shots

The in in out in LAX?

Also I didn’t take these shots haha, I can never get that good of a view!

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I used the Nikon D3300, I have eaten at that In-n-out before. It’s very good.

Yikes, didn’t see that when I went. It’s weird because security drove by and didn’t say anything…

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