Buraq air b737-800

hi IFC
in b737 section there not much african liverys or airlines since these airline is from libya, africa so i want to see more african airlines or liverys in the sim just like this Buraq air b737-800

credits: 5A-DMG | Boeing 737-8GK | Buraq Air | Claude Davet | JetPhotos

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why these livery?
mostly there not much african routes so these livery could open up new routes in africa
so ya thats all.

Awesome request, this would be a great livery to have for the Tekirdağ, Gazipaşa and Aleppo routes from Tripoli. Sadly I don’t have any votes to spare, but I’m 100% behind this livery being added


Hey! I was there with Claude that day

I don’t know what authorisation they got because the airline is blacklisted in Europe but that day an A319 of the Italian Air Force arrived from Tunisia… Probably a diplomatic reunion

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All libyan airlines are blacklist but they will be back soon

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