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38 minutes ago I departed from KAUS (Austin Bergstrom international) in a Cessna Citation X. I am heading for KLGA (La Guardia) and I am arriving in 1:45h. Now the thing is, I am currently in a severe turbulence area. I would like to know how to avoid turbulence. Also I looked at the release notes for 22.8 and saw that KAUS and KLGA were both new 3D airports, so that’s why I decided to fly this route.

One way I avoid turbulence is by looking at an app (also available as a website) called Windy, it has global wind information, NOTAMS and weather for airports all around the world. I then adjust my cruise altitude to avoid the turbulence. Simbrief also has wind and weather information.


Thank you, this is really helpful

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Just don’t fly into the areas of forecast severe turb…

Hey there, I use an app called Fly Forecast. It is really helpful and easy to use. You can access turbulence charts both nationally and internationally. It has real turbulence report charts for different flight levels. Not only does it have turbulence charts, you can access precipitation charts, cloud cover, winds and so much more. So I really do recommend downloading it.
Happy flying!


You can use Windy: Wind map & weather forecast as a helpful reference for the wind conditions you are heading into.

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