Bumpy flight.

Taking a brave passenger for a bumpy ride over France. +20 knot gusts that day.


Cool! I wish I could fly those birds! You must be a good pilot

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Thanks for the compliment 😊 I wouldn’t say that I am an experienced pilot, experience requires years of flying. I’ve only been flying for a few years, I still learn new things everyday. Whenever I get to fly, I make sure I learn something new. I won’t consider myself a ‘good’ pilot until I reach a serious amount of hours, I only have roughly 140hrs, which makes me a ‘beginner’.

@Heavydriver, @Erj145 and I had an interesting discussion about flying experience a few weeks back. These guys have a serious flying experience (@Aernout included of course).

Trying to achieve my CPL - #58 by Axel_B

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Still a few more than me😉

A late start is always better than nothing at all 😊 Well actually it’s generally better to start PPL/ CPL early. In Europe, airlines tend to prefer young pilots when it comes to a first job experience.

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Man what great memories in a 152. Got my ppl in it. Sadly, unless I fly it solo another person with me won’t be able to fit. Haha.

Enjoy this experience and be a sponge taking all you can in.

As always, happy landings :)

The cockpit is definitely a bit tight!
Also, when I fly with my father, the weight and balance part is mandatory. That 150 is a LR, therefore we cannot fly with full tanks if there is another passenger. If I remember good, the pilot must weigh below 77kg when flying with full tanks.

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