Bumpy Flight Of PHNL-KSEA

Flight of PHNL-KSEA
Aircraft: A339 Delta Airlines
Flight time: 5:56
Cruise speed: M 0.81- M 0.82
Cruise Alt: FL350-FL370

As I spawn in @Fedex was doing the same flight as me. This was not planned btw. Lol

As I start pushback, @Fedex rotates out of Honolulu.

Me taking off heading for main land U.S.

At the loanly part of the flight called the “cruise”. Wow.

As I leave the boring stage to a thing called the nose down thing.

Me turning base in the background with Fedex on final.

Rare sighting of me greasing a landing live. Also some planes with a Turkish B77W taking off.

As I look for my gate, I realize that @Fedex has stolen my spot!

My favorite pic of the tail of 2 Delta a339 and a Emirates B77W.

That is all I have for today, hopefully you enjoyed my pics.

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Cool shots!

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