Bumpy flight from San Diego to Seattle!

Sorry for not posting in a while guys I have been really busy:/
But I’m back again with a flight from San Diego to Seattle. Since update 21.7 came out I decided I would take a flight to the new 3D airport!
Flight info:
Route: KSAN - KSEA
Callsign: Alaska 695
Altitude: FL350
Mach: 0.82
Total flight time: 2h48

At gate in San Diego with The Queen Of The Skies in the background @GeminiJetsToronto

Gears up over R27 at KSAN

Cruising at FL350 LA with KLAX in the background!

Landing R16C at KSEA

At gate in Seattle!

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Love that area, especially when you depart from KLAX since you get a mix of everything, from the sea to little mountain ranges


I 100% agree! Thanks for viewing my post!

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Nice short route! I’ll try that flight in the near future.

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Yessir! Especially that both airports are now 3D! Makes it more realistic:)

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