Bumpy A321 Flight - Transatlantic

I am currently flying a Delta A321-200 from KACY-EGLL. I am currently on Oceanic Track Z at an altitude of 31,000 feet and step climbing. My fuel when I took off was about 8:30 with a full passenger load and about 200 pounds of cargo. I am now 2:30 into the flight. The flight is really turbulent and I want to know if it is because of my weight, altitude, or just the weather, etc… Please let me know!

The weather. Since you’re flying eastbound across the Atlantic, you have a very strong tailwind. Every other aircraft crossing the Atlantic eastbound right now is experiencing the same weather. You’re fine.


Thank you!

The jet stream causes a lot of winds - in your case a tailwind -, and subsequent turbulence, over the North Atlantic. Probably that, especially for a relatively speaking small aircraft.

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Is there any way to get out of the turbulence?

If it weather go and check out this website.

This might solve your issue!!

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No, not really. It likely isn’t anything more than light-moderate, which is absolutely fine and poses no danger.

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Thank you for your help everyone, greatly appreciated!

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I once flew from Boston to Dublin in a320 and got really bad crosswind turbulence and the autopilot started acting weird. It would bank 10 degrees to the left, and then 10 degrees to the right etc. If that’s happenings to you try decreasing your sensitivity even with autopilot on. That helped with my flight


You could always check out winds at different altitudes and climb/descend to a more calm altitude if needed

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