Bumps on Landing, Take Off and Taxi

I would love for this to be a thing - that when you are taking off the faster your plane goes the bumpier it gets (When i say this i don’t want it to be OTT but just subtle enough to be realistic) Also on taxi and landings with the bumps getting less and less as you slow down. I think this could be implemented in the camera for the Cockpit and then be adjusted in the settings for people to decide if they want it or not and to decide how strong or weak they want their camera bumps to be. This would be a similar feature to the bigger PC flights simulators that have this camera effect. The video link below is to a Matt Davies video flying the 777 which shows the camera effect/bumps on take off (Skip to 16:40 for that) which i think are amazing and would make IF that touch more WOW.

What are everyone’s thoughts?

The reason the aircraft bumps on the runway’s as they speed up is because the main nose gear is running over the runway centerline lights. Usually these bumps indicate the aircraft is dead center on the runway centerline and taxiway centerline, would be nice to have especially with improvements of taxiway and runway lights, nice request!


Don’t forget the grooves on the runways which cause the bumping effect during takeoff.

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Voted. Also I just thought of this too when I was taking off earlier today.

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I have wanted this for a while. Let’s see which vote I’ll take off for this

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I’ll vote for this - would be a nice feature. Yes, it’s not essential but it would be nice to have.

Is this sort of similar?

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Don’t you mean like wing flex on taxi takeoff etc because you stole my idea! I was going to make a topic

awesome thought ,with a bit of realistic sounds of the aircraft rattling would be life.
plus we shouldn’t push too much for a mobile game due to limitations.

Not quite. The bumps he wants to be implemented are little ones on the ground that are vertical, and that request has the bumps only occur on touchdown, also those bumps are horizontal.

I sort of mean the camera effect to simulate a persons head moving when you go over bumps or changes in taxi surface like in real life

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Thanks for Voting its much appreciated

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It’s the same idea. Bumps on the runway and tarmac is the same as this request. It goes under the same topic.
Edit: The old topic was closed ;)

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I would really like to see a bigger bump from the cockpit on harder landings

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So would I, would make things a bit more realistic