Bumps and Screeches On Landing

I was trying to think of some new ideas that could be implemented to create this realistic game to a very-realistic game.
So I came up with bumps and screeches on landing. I’m sure everyone knows what I mean by this, but for all the guys and gals out there that don’t…

You still should know what I mean.

So when you land on any plane the plane hits the ground (obviously) and make quite a big bumping noise along with screeching tyres at the end.

The screeching tyres will be heard mainly on the outside camera and muffled inside.

Share your feedback to yours truly.

sorry for my earlier post, it didn’t explain it that well.


hey, you never finished explaining what you meant! Also, try to add some pictures. Take a look at the community on how other features are written and layed out so you can have an idea of how it is done.
The community appreciates new ideas and concepts but only those who are well written and have good arguments to defend their ideas.

This seems very similar to:

May not be the same, but very similar.

There are actually tyre screeches when you touchdown. You can’t hear them in replay and can only be heard when viewing in the exterior view as you land. I’m not sure about this but I think only the new aircrafts have them (Dash 8 Q400 onwards)


You can also hear a bump in cockpit view 😉

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Yeah, that too. The bumps are heard when on the runway at near V1 speed.

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To my knowledge, there are tyre screeches while landing the F22 too.

Already exists. 🙂