Bumped back to grade 1?

I just made grade 3 and did a flight from kjfk to kord. I got bumped back to grade 1 with 6 violations. There wasn’t any atc at either airport. I don’t remember doing anything wrong. Is there a way to see what my violations were.strong text

They were likely speeding violations. I can’t say for sure though.

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Hello! The only way you can currently see how you received violations is by contacting a moderator or staff member (Tyler Shelton). This will be changed with the next update.

There was strong winds during takeoff. Even though I never set my speed past 240 the winds made me bounce a few times over 250. Is this considered a speed violation.?

ATC doesn’t assign violations. You are responsible for your IAS, not your AP setting.

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You need to stray over 250 knots airspeed and stay there for a short while in order to get a violation. I think the violation threshold is set at 260 knots to accommodate things like the weather. It’s still a rather easy mistake to make though, especially on descent. What aircraft were you using, and what was your cruising altitude?

Set your speed to less than 230 knots during windy takeoffs. Your speed can rise above 250 knots sometimes.

A320, altitude was 24000, airspeed 330. Did a 150 mile descent at 800 FPM. 300 ground speed during descent.

Thank you everyone for your replies and suggestions. I will follow your suggestions. The bump back to grade 1 should be over with in 24 hours. I just couldn’t figure out what I did but it must be the over speed as suggested. Thanks again.

It’s 7 days wait for going back to grade 3

Your ground speed changes as your altitude changes, so that might be the problem.

Even though there is still violations in place like speeding so it is most likely to be that. Because you got so many in 1 flight it has dropped you down to grade 1

Just to put it short on how you can get violations:

And the rest of the things you should know was stated above! Have a great day!


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