Bulgaria Air E190

Bulgaria Air is the Bulgarian flag carrier with its headquarters at Sofia Airport in Bulgaria’s Capital: Sofia.

The company is owned by Chimimport AD and is a leader in terms of local market share. The airline operates short and medium haul aircraft to destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. Focus cities in Bulgaria are Burgas and Varna. In 2018 the company carried a total of 1.267 million passengers on 5,995 flights.
Bulgaria Air has currently 4 ERJ 190’s in use, so this would be a great add to connect Bulgaria to the rest of the virtual IF world and give the Eastern Part of Europe more attention they deserve!

Amazing feature request! As a Bulgarian IFC member, I fully support it, you have my vote!

Fun fact about the registrations on our flag carrier’s E190s: They are registered after our 4 passenger airports - LZ-SOF for Sofia, -PLO for Plovdiv, -VAR for Varna and -BUR for Burgas.


Voted as well


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Bump!, very cool livery

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As a Bulgarian if community member, you have my vote! :)


Thanks! :)

Another angle of this great livery

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Credits: N/A


Although I bumped this one 3 days ago, this livery deserves another with the first 2 ERJ WIP photos being shown on the IF staff stream.

This livery will open up great routes and connect Bulgaria with the rest of the (IF) world!

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What a pity that there’s no credit, that pic is stunning. I wonder which airport it is because there are many tunnel airstairs there (I wish we had them on IF) !

And also to get to know more about Air Bulgaria routes operated by that E190

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It is Milan Malpensa Airport, I’ll research the routes and make a kind of route database to post it in here.
Would be good to give an insight at the routes operated by the Bulgaria Air E190 in favour of this beautiful livery.

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Some interesting charter flights LZ-VAR flew back in 2020:


we need it <3


Same here!

Voted, we need more balkan airlines.


Weird note but it’s incredibly satisfying how the photo in the OP at the top was taken from literally the perfect angle right at the right time so that the right winglet lines up flush with the tail.

Voted! More European liveries are needed.


Bump again!