Bulgaria Air Airbus A320

Bulgaria Air A320 Feature Request

Hello dear community, today I’m making the reworked version of this topic as the linked topic is old, has little information and only 1 vote.

Why we need this livery

Bulgaria, is just like all other countries of the balkans a balkan country. Remember that there are almost no balkan airlines in the sim? Yeah, let’s change that! I feel that balkan airlines are a huge area that are unfortunately left out in IF, and I, along with others would like to change that. Support this feature request by hitting the “vote” button located on the top right of your screen!

Bulgaria Air, What?

Bulgaria air is a Sofia-based balkan airline that was first formed in 2002. It currently has a fleet size of 10; of which 2 are A319’s, 3 are A320’s, 1 is a 737-300, and 4 Embraer E190 aircraft. Bulgaria Airlines first started off as Balkan Air Tour and was later renamed to Bulgaria Air, its current name.

Aircraft In operation on order
Airbus A319 2 -
Airbus A320 3 -
Boeing B737-300 1 -
Embraer E190 4 -

Alicante, Spain
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Athens, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Beirut, Lebanon
Berlin, Germany
OTP, Romania
Burgas, Bulgaria
Brussels, Belgium
Budapest, Hungary
Cairo, Egypt
Cologne, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
Dubai, UAE
Dublin, Ireland
Düsseldorf, Germany
Hannover, Germany
Istanbul, Turkey
Larnaca, Cyprus
Leipzig, Germany
Lisbon, Portugal
London Heathrow, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Málaga, Spain
Manchester, United Kingdom
Milan Linate, Italy
Milan Malpensa, Italy
Sheremetyevo, Russia
Vnukovo, Russia
Odessa, Ukraine
Oslo, Norway
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Paphos, Cyprus
Paris, France
Prague, Czechia
Rome, Italy
Skopje, Macedonia
Sofia, Bulgaria (HUB)
Stockholme, Sweden
Stuttgart, Germany
Tel Aviv, Israel
Tirana, Albania
Tripoli, Libya
Valencia, Spain
Varna, Bulgaria
Vienna, Austria
Zurich, Switszerland

About the Airbus A320

I hope that you’d vote for this livery as it is really needed!

Cheers guys, see you around!

Like the diversity! Would be cool to see something like this in the future.


The livery seems a tiny bit bland. But I’d like to see this in the game.


Would be a nice addition


I think it’s a little too late for this livery to get added in 20.2, but let’s hope it gets added in 21.1


Giving the topic a little bump, me and my fellow Balkan friends have faith to see this livery one day. You guys can help us increase the chances of seeing seeing this livery in-game!


We have non Bulgarian carriers so this would be much appreciated


Would love to see this livery come to Infinite Flight. It has my vote!


This now has my vote reallly hope this gets added


Yes, more eastern European liveries please for this under represented region!


Bumping it up again. I think it’s late for 21.1, but maybe we could get it in 21.2?


Bump!, would be a great add

Awesome livery ngl 😍

Do they have other aircrafts on their fleet? 😅

Read the thread… the info is right there


Oops didn’t saw it thanks

Voted, we need more balkan airlines.


Airlines not from Western Europe and North America in general lol

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This deserves a bump!

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