Bulgaria air A320

Hello, I have noticed something which is very disturbing me: The fact that eastern European airlines got no respect in IF. Ailrines like AIR SERBIA, BULGARIA AIR, MONTANEGRO AIRLINES, just one livery for TAROM and UKRINE AIRLINES and almost no liveries for Greek airlines and BELAVIA.

But since I can request just one feature per topic, I will request Bulgaria air A320 livery



Did you notice that when the ATC Schedule is in airports like LBSF and other airports in the east of Europe (which is very rare) everybody comes from the west with planes of airlines like Lufthansa or Air France? Those airlines aren’t the only operators of those lines, But those alrlines’s liveries are exist in IF, and if you ask me it is better to make a local airline flight,

What do you think? If you like it please vote