Buissness Jet CRJ-200

Hi everyone! A private/corporate jet livery on the CRJ-200 would be very nice! I had this in mind…
Credit Unknown

It would at a bit more realism to the game! Thanks for reading! Leave your opinions below.

It’s from a private CRJ website
Give them credit https://setjet.com/about-us/our-aircraft/bombardier-crj200-gls/

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You mean the Bombardier Challenger 650… the Challenger series is a variant of the CRJ family as they share the same airframe.


If you are ever going to make your own personal active #features topic I would highly recommend at the very least voting for it yourself.


I Made a more updated feature request on this… this request is misinformed/incorrect and should be closed.

Yeah, sorry bout that lol, I’ll flag this…😂🙄

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