Built in V-Speeds

I’m not sure if this has been requested yet, I searched but didn’t find anything.

Anyway, my feature request is a built in V-Speed calculator. I was thinking that all of the different v speeds could be visible in the weight and balance page. Also, the V speeds relating to the current phase of flight (i.e. V(x) and V(y) during climb) could be visible. These could either go right above the n1 reading in the same size/font, they could be an option in the status bar, and/or they could be a drop down option, similar to actions but no buttons, in the systems page that displayed the v speeds. This shouldn’t be too busy to implement, and it would add some realism to IF.

You could also choose your takeoff and landing runways in the weight and balance menu in order to properly calculate some v speeds.

If you guys want to compile a list of the v speeds we want, just comment the ones you would like below and I will add them to this topic.


This would be a great feature and I think putting it just above the N1 reading is perfect like you said although, I’m out of votes :( Also, make sure to vote for your own feature requests.


Also remember that v-speeds depend on the weight of the aircraft. so the V-speeds built in would be based off how much weight you would have in your airplane.


Yes, that’s why I suggested that it be in the weight and balance menu.


Update-added info about runway length


This would be cool. I bet there’s a simple algorithm for each type of aircraft that by calculating the weights, you could find the v speeds!


I like the idea, however what would be the fun in calculator when you could calculate it using real life airport charts, weight and balance, weather etc. :)


I have to say I do agree with you, there is a lot of fun in flight planning realistically which may include v speed calculations, but these take time. Most of my flights are planned and taken off within ten minutes Bc of time constraints. You could still use your own v speeds, but for someone who doesn’t have time or is too lazy it could be extremely useful.

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Would be nice to have, but there are more important things to implement first, in my opinion.


Thank you for your opinion!


MaxSez: “Let the machine do it, Takes to long to plan by hand and mind!” ect. . Everbodys looking for the ez way. No wonder there’s a shortage of Pilots and Pilotless Commercial Flight is your future. Nobody said it was gonna be easy!


Personally, I enjoy taking my time in planning flights and doing it the right and realistic way, but sometimes I do not have time and that’s why I requested this.


YES! Thank you William! I’ve been wanting this for a while, and was actually planning on posting a topic about it if one hadn’t already been made. I love planning realistically as well, and usually have to spawn on solo to test my rotation and stop margins and things like that beforehand. I feel like it would be fairly simple to implement as well, seeing as FDS has all the performance data as they developed the planes.

My idea on how it would work would be data entered in these categories:
Aircraft Type
T/O Weight
T/O Distance (not runway length in case you use an intersection and not the full runway)
Flap Setting
Wind Speed and Direction

For example:
A/C Type: 787-9
T/O Weight: 507,000lbs
T/O Distance: 10,988ft
Flap Setting: 15
Wind Speed and Direction: 290/15kts
Temperature: 18°C

It should come out with N1 or throttle setting, V1, VR, and maybe V2 as well although it isn’t necessary unless you shut off an engine mid-takeoff.

Vref would be nice to have as well, but figuring that out during approach isn’t hard at all and calculating landing weight would be a little hard

Good luck with this request, I voted :)


What we really need is a built in v-speed calculator that we can use and then type in the v speed in the options so it will call it out when you hit your intended v-speed

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@Animalcraft_Ftw That’s literally what this request is… Maybe minus the callouts but those would be nice too. Also you can always use IF Assistant for that

i Voted man Good luck

Hey @William_Armstrong someone asked for this on our app thread. Maybe a future option…

A built in v-speed calculator would be a great addition to IF! Maybe someone could make a 3rd-party app instead, either way, it’s earned my vote

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Good idea, but how many noob pilots would use it.

There are third party apps supporting this and are pretty good in my opinion. FDS won’t be wasting anytime into adding V-Speeds I guess. They have to be working on aircraft reworks and more. Well it’s just my opinion but hey who knows FDS 😏.

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