Built-in Recording for iOS

Hello all!

I am requesting this because I believe it is needed for iOS users for filming their flights and maybe putting it on youtube, I used to do this when I had an android tablet (they have built in recording system) but now that I am on iOS there isn’t a way to record my flight (built in). I believe this is much needed because you can create amazing movies and timelapses of your flight, here is an example of a video I made when I had an android on infinite flight:

This feature is definitely needed, and has been out on Android for quite some time, it’s a shame it isn’t on iOS yet.

Please feel free to share & vote!

Cpt. Scott

This sounds awesome, but iOS already has its own screen recorder. If you need help finding it, please just let me know. Thanks!

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It doesn’t do timelapses though does it?

no it doesn’t. You will need to find a 3rd party app which will be able to do that for you:)

It doesn’t automatically record time lapses, but you can use a video editing app to do that. My favorite one is iMovie on the MacBook.

yeah only issue is I have no iMac or MacBook

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That’s okay. I’m sure there are other apps out there. Good luck!

You can still do it on your device your using with imovie? No?

You can still download IMovie for IOS on an Iphone or Ipad.

iOS already has a built in recording feature. Simply import your recording into a movie processing app and work the magic. Additional features like this could put a damper on device performance if it were implemented into the app. We could use this much needed performance to be better utilized on features such as lights, buildings and anything else high up on that “I want” list. 🙂